Welcome to Jever

„Town of Lady Maria“ – Frisian nearby the North Sea!

Happy that you`ve found us! In Jever you can find sights, culture, retail managed by the owner, varied gastronomy, wonderful hotels and pensions as well as amiable people nearby the North Sea.

So that you can find what you`re looking for in our wonderful city, we provide an interactive map on our website. There you can find the right search categories in the starboard. Also you can find there parking places for cars and bikes as well as the camper site.

“Follow The Peewitt” was born from the situation, that we’ve had a Finnish trainee, who was our guest for a few weeks. Because our lack of Finnish, we choosed English as our common language ( often we communicated with gestures and hand signs ). To provide our guest with informationmaterial about Jever and its surrounding area was very difficult. So we decided that a part of our communication should be documented in word and pictures for improving the supply of English language informations about this. Our guest translated the first version of this website from English to Finnish.

Because English isn`t our mother tongue, we pleased you to overlook some translating mistakes (If you´ve something to correct please contact us directly at: contact@follow-the-peewit.eu)

Some Ideas for excursions in our landscapes

Within the short time we limited ourselves only to list some links for a few ideas for excursions:

Also for this section we´re looking forward to get some suggestions from you!

Follow the Peewit! We wish you a lot of fun on your discovery tours!

A warm “Moin! Moin!” from the team of Coastforge and Joona